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Malaysia Express

Malaysia First weight 1KG Additional 1KG 10KG+ 45KG+ 100KG+ Remarks
Special price Special price Special price Special price Special price 10KG or more does not count the first weight
Price increase area East Malaysia & Remote areas:( after that Postal code 87000 belong remote areas)

(The above quotes are included Fuel Surcharge、Not included Invoice 5% business tax)

Regarding your rights and interests, please be sure to read the contents and instructions of the following terms.

Customer entrusts Freedom Wings International Logistics Co.,Ltd. to provide transportation service.,That means accepting the terms of this contract。Freedom Wings International Logistics Co., Ltd.'s Terms of Service and Receipts are non-transferable,The receipt is filled in by the customer or our company. The shipper guarantees that the owner of the consignment or its authorized agent And accept Freedom Wings International Logistics Co., Ltd. shipping contract terms and conditions。The receipt cannot be altered and any change of the receipt will not be honored.

  1. Please complete the consignment note and read the terms of the shipping order..
  2. The following items are not acceptable:
    (a) Cash, cheque (b) Negotiable securities (bond、stock、promissory note) 、ATM card, credit card (c) Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)、Gems, Diamonds (d) Antiques, Buddha, high-priced art (e) Animals and plants, Fresh produce (f) Gunpowder, Gas、Corrosive、inflammable liquids、Flammable solid、Toxic substance、Pathogen、anesthetic、(Aggressive weapon of Guns, shells, knives, swords, etc.)(g) Goods that can be damaged, smell, foul, and which may damage other items on delivery. (h) Can't recreate the production again Product (i) Fragile goods (glass, bottle items) (j) Books about Buddhism, politics, and eroticism (j)「Measures for the Administration of Air Transport of Dangerous Goods (b) Implemented on February 25, 2008,Dangerous goods by air ((including lithium batteries of all types of 3C products, lead-acid batteries and high-pressure spray cans, etc.)). According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Law, the penalty is NT$20,000 or more, and the NT$100,000 will be fined.。The above articles and contraband, inflammable goods, counterfeit goods prohibited consignment,The shipper shall be responsible for any false declaration and shall take legal responsibility. If any damage is caused, the shipper shall be liable for damages.
  3. Our company has the right to open the goods delivered by the shipper at any time for safety reasons or requirements of the government authorities. To provide our company or government inspection, but the inspection is not our company's obligations。
  4. The shipping cost of our company does not include the insurance premium for the goods. Please ask the sender to insure the goods or entrust our company to insure the valuables. If you have insurance, please inform the insurance company of our terms and conditions for transaction. If the goods need to be insured with our company, please provide purchase invoice voucher Insurance costs are calculated based on the value of the goods × 1.1 × 0.5%, the minimum insurance cost for a single piece of goods is NT$120 。
  5. If the single item exceeds 30KG, please inform us first, our company will arrange separately, the weight of the single item shall not exceed 70KG. When the volume weight of the cargo is greater than the actual gross weight, the freight is calculated by the volume weight of the cargo. volume weight calculation method: (long cm x width cm x height cm) ÷ 6000 = volume weight。Single piece size limit: no more than 90cm on both sides。For ultra-long and ultra-high cargo, please call us.。Less than 1KG is unconditionally carry the cost at 1KG calculation.。
  6. If you want to pick up the goods in Taiwan, you must pay the pick-up fees, in addition to the Taipei City General Area. For other cities and pick-up fees, please call us.。
  7. When the goods are delivered, the recipient should check the goods to ensure no damage or shortage occured. In case of any damage or shortage, please take photos of the external packaging and contents of the goods to provide it to our company and indicate the extent the damage on the receipt,Recipient please sign in full name,Be sure to inform within 3 days from the day the cargo is received. Failing to comply with this time limit , our company does not accept any claim matters。
  8. If you need our company to arrange payment collection,The handling fee is 3% of the collection amount (the minimum charge is 5 MYR),The exchange rate must be based on the exchange rate agreed by us on the day of shipment.。
  9. The full payment of the freight must be paid despite of any claim or dispute. Otherwise, no claim will be entertained.,The cost of compensation cannot be deducted from the freight charges receivable by Freedom Wings International Logistics Co., Ltd.,。
  10. Express compensation amount is based on the principle of 3 times the freight rate. (Including this shipping cost) Or compensation of USD20 per kilogram within 5KG,Maximum of one time transport compensation not exceeding USD100。
  11. (a) Shippers false declaration, wrong declaration or consignment of contraband caused the goods to be seized and confiscated by the customs。Our company is not responsible for any compensation,If the fine or other expenses are incurred, the shipper shall take full responsibility。
    (b) Shipper's goods are poorly packaged、Confiscation, damage, loss and delay caused by incorrect address and incorrect customs declaration。
    (c) Loss or damage caused by factors such as airline dispatch, customs operations, ground handling errors at airports or terminal equipment, etc.。
    (d) Damage caused by weather conditions or bad walrus and force majeure。
  12. All the above inbound and outbound goods will be subject to supervision by relevant government departments.。

Considerations for return, refuse to accept, no receipt, and other goods that are not delivered to the destination

  1. If the shipper has a return request, our company can assist with the forwarding service. (But it must be based on the customs regulations of the importing country.,Freight charges will be quoted separately. All returning expenses will be borne by the shipper.。
  2. Attempted delivery after 2 times will be noticed by us to the shipper to avoid further delays in delivery and the delivery fee is charged normally.,The shipper shall not refuse to pay the fee.。
  3. Objects that cannot be delivered, such as uncollected goods, unaccompanied goods, or incorrect addresses,Cannot be contacted and processed within seven working days,Our company can take the initiative to return the goods to temporary storage and collect the storage costs from the shipper.,Storage fee will be quoted separately。
  4. After the shipper delivers the goods to our company, until the goods are delivered to the recipient,The safety of the goods is the responsibility of our company.,If the shippers goods are lost or damaged, our company will compensate for the loss.。However, the packaging of the goods must be responsible by the shipper,Our company has the same moral responsibility for the safety of consignment goods.,If the consignment is damaged due to unsafe packaging of the shipper,We are exempted from liability,The shipper shall not request compensation。If the shipper can clearly prove that the goods are damaged due to improper operation of our company,Our company should be responsible for repair or compensate for the losses。
  5. Our company should be responsible for delivering the entrusted goods to the recipient.。If the goods are subject to tax, fines and related legal liabilities during transportation and customs clearance,Our company will be responsible to assist the shipper to handle customs clearance instructions in accordance with the stipulations of relevant laws and customs,However, the taxes, fines and legal liabilities incurred must be fully borne by the shipper.。